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Claiming Your Precious

Life is very unpredictable at the moment, our sense of stability has been rocked on all levels. We are being pushed to re-assess and re-evaluate life daily. For some there is a deep sadness as they have lost loved ones, other women are immersed in upset – from within themselves and from children partners and elders, others are a bit happier relishing the ‘no rush’ culture, are getting itchy feet or are feeling unsettled.

For many women though there are extensive conversations on how they are feeling. It’s a wonderful example of how we differ from men. Some women feel both heard and understood. For others the ‘putting a brave face on it is beginning to crack’. Some women are feeling like they are losing themselves and their confidence.

How are you doing, truthfully ?

A workshop to share your feelings, worries and successes and to look towards the future with a fresh perspective, to really claim your happiness.

We will look at:

I have worked with women extensively over many, many years and have a deep understanding of our scripts, how we feel like we can disappear when looking after the needs of everyone else, the strength it takes to build something of our own and the intense feelings of loss when faced with no ‘me time’. A happy, fulfilled woman, however, is a joy to behold; her joy touches everyone!

I’ve worked with people’s services for forty years and have a very deep level of listening that assists people to identify their strengths, build on them and flourish in times of challenge. I often work with individuals, couples, families and groups to find what they really yearn for in their lives including finding their life partner, designing a happier family life and fulfilling on lifelong dreams.

My ‘speciality’ Entering the Golden Room arm of my business helps people who feel ‘stuck’ in some way or at a crossroads in life.

Catherine Rushforth

Mentor, Family Therapist and Group Co-ordinator


What people say about Catherine's coaching experience

In a single phrase, she’s “a blessing in disguise.” I couldn’t have found a more valuable coach. Through Catherine’s listening, questioning and insights, I have brought my character traits to life and am using them to make a difference in the world, which is what really matters to me. She has a gift in her ability to get beyond surface issues and ask questions which move you above and beyond where even you thought you could go. Each time a session ends, I hang up the phone amazed at what has transpired in me in less than an hour. With the stress associated with transitioning to a new country into a fast paced life and work environment including the challenges that arise when you are taking on a big life shift ; Catherine has provided me with all the resources, tactics and application guidance to market myself and pursue undeniably successful strategies in all areas of my life. Working with Catherine has provided me with an irrevocable amount of opportunity, exposure, and increased knowledge on how to "Be" and to situate myself in career and life, to which I truly aspire.
T. Rebello
Catherine has been listening and allowing me bring ‘closure’ on some the things going on in my life ; a deep committed listening to what is really going on for me - acknowledging my emotions like no-one else has been doing, so that they can ease and move on with a gentle flow She brings her huge depth of experience and expertise in coaching, family dynamics and business to her listening and key distinctions to our conversations to allow me to see things differently, reframe things at times and to allow me to unstick stuff. The clear message in my “Building Elva” mantra reminds me to look after myself in a purposeful way In addition to this she worked with me and my husband together which served to bring things to light and clarify expectations together which was very useful. Catherine has been totally reliable and professional throughout, kindly and loving in her support and contribution and a thoroughly welcome addition to my supportive team. I am confident that the relocation of my family and business to York will be a fabulous success and that my health will continue to build. Your help has been key to this confidence ; I can’t thank you enough Catherine !
E. Ainsworth
CEO Talent Innovations
When I first met Catherine, she is probably the best listener I had ever met. I was dealing with a variety of life issues at the time and the opportunity to mentally and emotionally digest what I was facing, one to one, was a pure tonic in itself. Time heals and time certainly let's you find your own answers. And it is always good to consider what your options are BEFORE rushing into your next action. Throughout our sessions, I felt supported, encouraged and reminded that maybe my way is not the only way. I highly recommend anyone Entering the Golden Room in these difficult days we all live in. You may be surprised in the gold you find !
V. Johnstone
Marketing Director

Join me on this heart-warming Workshop ‘Claiming Your Precious: Yourself’

This one and half hour workshop provides an opportunity to share your feelings, worries and successes and to look towards the future with a fresh perspective, to really claim your happiness.

Wednesday 15th July, between 5.30 pm – 7 pm

Cost is £27 inc. VAT. 

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